Beware the Blackbirds

An aside from anything especially meaningful I may say in this space… Here in Waterloo Region, we are at the latter end of the peak of mating season for red-winged blackbirds, and I am duly terrified. Up until last summer, I had the mindset that birds were afraid of me. Therefore, birds did not need … More Beware the Blackbirds

It Will Be Enough

Surely it will. It will be enough when the books, written by me, are on the shelves and people are smiling, snorting, crying, or shaking their heads as my words strike their funny bones or collide with their souls. Or it will be enough when words of respect and affirmation for me are spoken aloud, … More It Will Be Enough

Stray Pencils and Stray Thoughts

Happy Get-Your-Life-Together-Day! (Almost). That “almost” means two things. One: It means that it is not quite “Get-Your-Life-Together-Day” (Aka Saturday) yet. Two: It means that you never actually get your life quite together. (Providing you are like me, which is a rather presumptuous thing to provide. Forgive me.) Get-Your-Life-Together Saturdays are not usually long enough. I’m … More Stray Pencils and Stray Thoughts

 Life Hacks for the Turtles Among Us: The Book I Need Someone to Write

I would like to read a book of life hacks for people who live slowly. Perhaps it could tell me how to avoid becoming overwhelmed when there are more items on my list than hours in which to do them. Perhaps it could help me discern which parts of the speed at which I accomplish … More  Life Hacks for the Turtles Among Us: The Book I Need Someone to Write

Fully Quarantined: A Confession of my Laziness

In a conversation the other day, Dad accidentally said “fully quarantined” instead of “fully vaccinated.” I decided that “fully quarantined” is a good description for me, as I am working on completing my 14-day quarantine for the fourth time since the beginning of Covid. If quarantining could eliminate all chances of me getting the virus, … More Fully Quarantined: A Confession of my Laziness